Stord / Haugesund University College

Stord / Haugesund University College is a modern public higher education institution with average size of about 3300 students and 300 employees.

The school was established on 01.08.1994, was merged from four independent colleges of Stord and Haugesund.

The university is located on the island of Stord – natural center of a large island and the fjord and in Haugesund. City

Each department is managed by the dean who was responsible for R & D. Each department has its leader to manage research and coordination of research programs.

– Faculty of Technology / Business / Maritime Education

– Faculty of Education and Educational Culture

– Faculty of Health Education

  1. Curriculum

– Master program (Master)

– Bachelor Program (University)

– 4 -year Advanced Program (University)

– Non-degree program



+ Graduated from high school to the Bachelor and the University / college for Master degree program;

+ TOEFL 500 (paper based) or 170 (computer based);

+ IELTS 5.0

  1. The cost of the study overseas

+ Requirement: finance: 97,850 NOK (~ € 12,000) for the Bachelor candidates.

+ Cost of living estimated: 3,500 NOK / month

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